Time Waves

Time Waves is an audiovisual research and performance project founded in 2016 with George Carter Dyer. By transmuting and re-arranging fragments of the world that we occupy together, Time Waves seeks communal awakening, gradual yet intense, where consonance and dissonance are presented as necessary and complementary components of a universal structure whose harmony is discernible all around us. Their performances juxtapose and contrast layers of audio-visual recordings for the purpose of creating a shared healing experience. These practices based on research and experimentation resulted in interactive installations and short films inspired by advances and regressions in artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, musicology, and aesthetics.



Time Waves aims to explore the discord and similarities between individuals’ memories. Video and sound recordings are pieced together using analog synthesizers, tapes, circuit bending, and digital techniques. The resulting improvised audiovisual collage will sublimate their individual recollections into a cohesive whole. By playing off of each other and exploiting points of tension and release within their respective performances, Time Waves attempts to create a unique mosaic that will highlight the stakes of our shared human experience.


At Galeria Entropia; photo by Mariusz Jodko
  • Performances at Czasoprzestrzeń, Entropia, Macondo, Proza, Kultura Na Poziomie, Mikavka, and others.
Selected Works 2017-2020


TIME WAVES Riga Installation Setup

In a fractured and polarized world, how can we achieve shared experiences and communal engagements in the arts? Time Waves answers this question with a generative audio-visual installation that invites audience participation. The movements and locations of the audience are processed in real time, generating an ever-evolving soundscape. This soundscape in turn generates a visual field.

Time Waves elucidates the potential for interactive installations and the abstraction of form to invoke multiplicity and communality. Individuals contribute directly and uniquely to this generative system, resulting in a shared aesthetic experience decoupled from the biases of the audience or its creators.

TIME WAVES Riga Pattern

  • Entropia Gallery (Wroclaw, Poland) 9–30/03/2021
  • Art Future / Future Signs (Riga, Latvia); 11/09 - 24/10/2019
  • Published in SciArt Magazine (NYC, USA) Volume 42 “Algorithmic”

Special thanks to RapidTroopers (Szymon Chmielewski) for 3D print

Art Future / Future Signs Exhibition Overview

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