Neural Reflection

Neural Reflection

Neural Reflection is a generative audio-visual installation using visual feedback. Machine intelligence has been programmed to learn, encode, and dream about the human face. Its unsupervised visual decoder generates an infinite stream of ever-changing human portraits in real time. The generative soundscape evolves in tandem with the visuals to create a meditative yet unsettling atmosphere.

Neural Reflection is inspired by the recent discoveries that the human brain during resting states creates non-random activity and self-referential processing. By mirroring the human cognitive process, the system offers us a glimpse of ourselves in more ways than one.

Neural Reflection Neural Reflection

Created by Neo Christopher Chung and Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar

  • Premiered at the 2nd Art Innovation Kyoto (Japan); 15/03 - 28/03/2019

  • Screened at Galeria Entropia (Wroclaw, Poland); 28/10 - 30/10/2019

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