Artificial Perspectives

Artificial PerspectivesArtificial Perspectives
Photos by Ingrida Mockutė-Pocienė

Machines – both physical and digital – have encapsulated every inch of our lives with their contradictory implications. Environmental sensors reveal climate change, but tell us that doom is inevitable; smart home devices keep us safe, while snitching on us and our neighbors.

From how we think to what we do, neural processing of massive data is nudging us towards post-human conditions. Reprogramming has commenced, and it is futile to tell who is surveilling whom. Every moment speeds by us, leaving only trails of silicone waste and illegible logfiles. As quantitative science seems increasingly at odds with reality, we no longer feel the quantified self.

Artificial Perspectives airium wires Artificial Perspectives airium closeup

Artificial Perspectives gives viewers the opportunity to commune with this post-human machine culture. Artificial entities are cultured in synthetic biospheres seeded with AI models for language, audio, and vision. In real-time feedback loops, multi-sensory generative systems react and recoil. With environmental changes felt and interpreted hundreds of times a second, these intelligent devices exhibit chaotic behaviors that evolve with the audience. In a time in between the boundaries of machine, human and nature, Artificial Perspectives exposes our tenuous relationship with computing devices and algorithms, uninterpretable and omnipresent, that are re-defining our world.

Artificial Perspectives
Photo by Rafał Biłas

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