Artificial Intelligence as New Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reconstructing the world inside out. From what we consume to how we think, neural processing of massive data is nudging us towards post-human conditions. At the frontier of its potentiality, we wonder how AI will reshape what and how we create. Viewing AI as the latest media in art, this workshop explores its major topics and practical applications.

The main goal of the workshop is to create art and design projects that incorporate AI thinking. Using AI software packages and codes, we aim to generate and incorporate AI ingredients in conceptual frameworks and artistic practices that are central to students.

'Letters from AI' by Kwiek, Miaskiewicz, Przybysz
A zine created based on AI-generated images and texts

Mariia Rybkina

'sick egocentric self-portrait' by Mariia Rybkina
StyleGAN model trained on her thousand selfies

The lecture series introduce (a) computational art and AI art and (b) machine learning and AI algorithms. We will look at a recent rise of artworks utilizing automation and computation, as well as a brief history and examplorary applications. Through an interactive tutorial, students will learn how to use AI models, to synthesize images, texts, and other data.

During the project development, students will conceive and create art and design works that incorporate AI thinking. Consultation and discussion will be held daily.

Kamila Różańsk

'May you live in interesting times' by Kamila Różańska
Original drawing (left) and style transfers

JoJo animation JoJo process 1 JoJo process 2

'BoB' by Evghenia Pogujanschi and Olesia Mazurets
Animation combining drawings and AI-generated images
  • Department of New Media at Polish-Japanese Academy (Warsaw, Poland) 14-18/3/2022

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