A glass, darkly

A glass, darkly

“A glass, darkly” is a visual experimentation with lights on expired films, with fleeting motions and emotions, and with our own reflections through others. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then shall we see face to face. Our ever-changing identities – and our individual and collective search – is presented through a series of hand-processed 16mm films from 1960’s (OWRO, East Germany). Imperfection is amplified instead of corrected, and the process takes a central stage in both its form and content.

This work is presented as a printed collection of time-series 16mm films.

A glass, darkly - Original Films

The series title pays homage to Sven Nykvist’s photographic approach to cinema examplified in “Through a Glass Darkly” directed by Ingmar Bergman. Nykvist’s use of high-contrast monochrome helped define the visual language for intimate (dis)connections. Our own process of development and individuation reflects (al)chemical stages, that are equal part elusive and analytical.

  • xycknss at Ciało (Wroclaw, Poland) 26/1/2022
  • Entropia Gallery (Wroclaw, Poland) 9–30/03/2021

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